Full Name
Mary Jane McCallum
Senate of Canada
Speaker Bio
Senator Mary Jane McCallum is a Cree woman from the Barren Lands First Nation in Brochet, Manitoba. She attended the Guy Hill Residential School from 1957–1968.

Senator McCallum spent nearly five decades providing care to First Nations in Manitoba as a dental nurse, dental therapist and dentist.

In 2017, Senator McCallum was appointed to the Senate of Canada as a representative of Manitoba. She assumed this mantle with reconciliation top of mind, recognizing its importance for Canada if we are to be recognized as human rights leaders.

Senator McCallum often speaks to diverse groups about residential school. She believes that Canada must never forget the genocide of their Original Peoples, and that lateral and vertical violence against Indigenous Peoples persists today; a result of sustained governmental policies. In recognizing and reclaiming autonomy, she believes that Indigenous Peoples are well on the journey towards reclaiming spirit and power.
Mary Jane McCallum