Full Name
Natasha Delany
Delany Entreprises Inc
Speaker Bio
Natasha Delany is an Indigenous mother of 5, a wife, founder and transformation and business coach for Indigenous women. While Natasha completed her bachelors in Business Administration, she founded Indigenous Project Events in 2021, which is a corporate event management company that specializes in Indigenous experiences. She then went on to receive an MBA in 2024. During her studies and inspired by her many mentors, she made the bold decision to also co-found Delany Enterprises Inc. with her husband where she offers her Diamonds Masterclass, a 2 hour workshop and her Diamonds Mastermind which is a transformative 6 month online course for Indigenous women in business. Natasha describes herself and Indigenous women everywhere as being just like a diamond: Only after years of undergoing tremendous pressure within the deep, dark depths of the Earth can we stand confidently in our individual brilliant lights.
Natasha Delany