Intentionally designed for high traffic placement the Indigenomics Market provides an incredible opportunity to showcase your products or services to conference delegates from governments, industry, Indigenous businesses, economic development corporations who are creating value in the emerging 100 billion dollar Indigenous economy!

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"Indigenomics means Indigenous economic participation to build strong communities, create intergenerational wealth, and empower Indigenous people."



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"As a young Indigenous entrepreneur, Indigenomics is more than a concept to me; it's a journey to reclaim our economic sovereignty and share the Indigenous ways of knowing while conducting business that honours our cultural values. For me it's not just about making profits but creating opportunities and preserving our cultural identity while contributing to the economy in a meaningful way that works with nature."

"Indigenomics means Indigenous statistics and history that shaped us today."

"Indigenomics means seeing authentic Indigenous businesses succeed, sustain and thrive!"

"Indigenomics means Indigenous business and economic growth."

"Indigenomics means Indigenous economics in modern day life."

"Indigenomics means building Indigenous investments for sustainable communities."

"Indigenomics means Indigenous business, economics."

"Indigenomics means supporting Indigenous people and communities to reach their goals using co-operatives is an important part of our mandate. Each community is culturally and economically distinct, and as such deserve supports designed for their unique needs. Co-operatives First support co-op development where western co-operative fundamentals can be merged with individual community cultural practices and processes."

"Indigenomics means the growth of our Indigenous economics- creating a lasting legacy for our Indigenous peoples and communities."

"Indigenomics means a journey towards