Intentionally designed for high traffic placement the Indigenomics Market provides an incredible opportunity to showcase your products or services to conference delegates from governments, industry, Indigenous businesses, economic development corporations who are creating value in the emerging 100 billion dollar Indigenous economy!

  • $250 Indigenous Artisan 
  • $850 Non-Profit / SME / Government 
  • $1500 Corporation 


  • 1 x 6' table with linen & chairs
  • Up to 2 business representatives
  • Includes meals as provided during conference
  • Add a second table $50
  • Add a 3rd person $75
  • Power $100
  • Exhibitor booth hours are concurrent to the conference schedule.
  • Vendor passes do not include access to plenary or breakout sessions.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for materials shipping to/from venue and handling costs incurred by venue.
  • Exhibitors are profiled in the Event App Market section.

Indigenomics SHE Market Sponsor

"Indigenomics is about celebrating who we have always been as Indigenous people. We have always been business people (traders, fisher people, etc.) and policy/decision makers. It is about empowering our relations from the boardroom tables to the farmer's markets to beyond. Growing Indigenous economy through entrepreneurship but also through changing existing corporate structures from within."

2024 Indigenomics Market Vendors

"Indigenomics is Indigenous economics, the act of being able to contribute to the economic diversity as our own culture. Sharing our culture in all the ways that we ourselves have learned."

"Indigenomics is economic inclusion and reconciliation."

"Indigenomics allows Prairie-girl Candles to showcase and offer creative and natural products all handmade by a female owned and operated local Metis business."

"Indigenomics is building an economy based on Indigenous knowledge and passions."

"Indigenomics is the collective responsibility of caretaking of our people. We all fit somewhere in this."

"Indigenomics is Indigenous Economy."

"Indigenomics is making valuable connections."

"Indigenomics is creating and supporting economy for Indigenous peoples, families and nations. Creating opportunities and amplifying Indigenous perspectives in all areas of business and economy."

"Indigenomics is Indigenous businesses taking their place within the economy."

"Indigenomics, to me, represents the blending of Indigenous wisdom and research, highlighting the importance of respecting Indigenous perspectives and values in genetic studies. It's about bridging the gap between modern science and traditional knowledge, fostering collaboration, and promoting equity within research involving Indigenous communities."

"As an Indigenous woman, Indigenomics is important to me because I can share my products with other Indigenous women, at an affordable range for all to enjoy."